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Uni-Safe Antimicrobial Coating utilizes revolutionary molecular technology in combination with a special blend of quaternary ammonium compounds that act as antimicrobials in a stabilised self-assembling thin layer surface coating.

The coating on an object prevents viruses and bacteria from attaching to surfaces. Simply spray the coating on any surface. The liquid will quickly disinfect the surface and within minutes will create a safe long term antimicrobial coating.

Evergreen Cleaning Services Singapore
Evergreen Cleaning Services Singapore
Evergreen Cleaning Services Singapore

Effective against COVID-19: (Test Organism: Human Coronavirus 229E)

Global guidelines suggest including that of EPA (USA), TGA (Australia) and NEA (Singapore) to test product on Human Coronavirus 229E to claim effectiveness against COVID-19.

Uni-Safe Antimicrobial Coating passed the test on Human Coronavirus 229E (ATCC VR-740)

Result: Viral reduction exceeding 4 log10 (≥ 99.99%).

Test Lab: The test was conducted by Viroxy Labs an approved and accredited laboratory.


Evergreen Cleaning Services is listed on NEA web to carry out disinfection works. All our Disinfection Worker has undergone Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection courses and certified to conduct disinfection and antimicrobial coating services for both commercial and residential premises.

Our disinfectants and antimicrobial coating only contains active ingredients in NEA approved list. All our cleaning products and their working concentrations are 99.99% effective against COVID-19.

They are also children and pets safe as they are water-based, non-toxic and alcohol-free. We are also proud to make known that the products we used are all products of Singapore!

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