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5 Common Mistakes When Cleaning Our Homes

Cleaning our homes seems like just the task everyone can and will do.

Given that we call carry out regular cleaning of our homes, we might find that from time to time, we still struggle with getting cleaning done the right way. Cleaning our homes is a regular routine that requires attention to detail. To some, they might prefer to hire an affordable & professional cleaning company in Singapore.

Here are five common mistakes people often make while cleaning their homes in Singapore. 1) Using too much cleaning product.

Using excessive amounts of cleaning products can leave behind residue and make surfaces sticky, dull or even damage the surfaces.

More does not always equates to better. The suitability of various cleaning products varies depending from surfaces to surfaces. Also, dilution if required is also a critical process that requires precision. 2) Neglecting hard-to-reach areas.

It's easy to overlook or neglect hard-to-reach areas like behind appliances, under furnitures, or on top of shelves. Dust and dirt can accumulate in these areas over time so it's important to make sure to include them in your cleaning routine. 3) Using dirty cleaning tools.

Using dirty or worn-out cleaning tools can spread dirt and germs around rather than effectively removing them. Make sure to clean or replace your cleaning tools regularly, such as mops, sponges, and cloths, to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

4) Starting with the wrong places.

During cleaning it's generally more efficient to start from the top and work your way down. Cleaning from the ground up can cause dust and debris from higher surfaces to settle on the lower ones, requiring you to clean them again. Start by dusting or cleaning higher surfaces, such as shelves or ceiling fans, before moving on to lower surfaces and floors. 5) Using the wrong cleaning product or tools.

By using harsh cleaning products or tools might cause damage to your home and even causing harmful residue to be left behind. Using the wrong cleaning products and tools might also cause you to conduct the same cleaning again and over again with no results.

Certain tools can be reused whereas others comes with a limited usage time.It is also important to ensure we inspect certain tools for wear & tear for damages before using them.


Alternatively, it may actually more cost and energy effective for you to engage a professional and reliable cleaning services provider in Singapore!

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